Drum emptying systems

Drum Unloading Pump

Our Malaysian customer ordered from our machine to be able to transport high viscosity, paste-like, non-self-flowing liquids or self-flowing liquids from different drums to different environments.

The Drum Unloading Pump  will be used to transfer from our machine out of 400 L barrels in the paint factory.

We completed the production of a machine with a pump length of 1200 mm for 400 liter barrels for our customer after 30 days and delivered it.

Our customer was able to easily empty their liquids from their 400 Liter special barrels with a viscosity value of 800,000 cpu. He carried out the transfer using the barrel unloding pump, leaving less than 1% residue in the barrel.

Especially for our customer, the electrical panel suitable for 240 Volt and 1 Phase electricity network has been added to the barrel discharge pump.

Also, A potentiometer was added to the panel in order to adjust the speed during the transfer of the liquid in the barrel discharge pump out of the barrel.

Features of Drum unloading Pump made for Malaysia:

Model : Unloading Barrel System Ubs-50
Volt : 240 V
Pump Pressure: 5 Bar
Phase/Hz:1/ 60
Capacity :1 – 1,5 Tons / Hour
Power/ Rpm 3kw / 322
Max. Temperature: + 10 ° C / + 70 ° C
Hydraulic Oil Tank : 10 LT ( 46 Hydraulic Oil)
Hydraulic Pressure : 90 – 120 Bar
Hydraulic Unit : 0,75 kw / 1500 Rpm

Barrel Unloading System is a hygienic product. It can be used for low or high viscosities in the food & beverage, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Most used products: Tomato paste, petrolatum, tomato puree, Grease, Caramel, creams, Fruit and vegetable concentrates, Peanut butter, Mayonnaise, Non-self-flowing products with high viscosity density.


The components of the drum unloading system are the motorized eccentric worm driven pump, the pump centering plate and the process seal follower plate. The tracer plate is placed directly on the media in the drum. The pump centering plate is fixed on the side of the drum above this. The pump is then guided through the opening of the pump centering plate and the trailing plate guide to the bottom of the drum.

Drum unloading Pump

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