Barrel Unloading Pump

The production of the unloading barrel pump, which was ordered by our customer in New York, USA, has been completed.

Choosing the Right Unloading Barrel System

When selecting an barrel unloading pump system, several factors should be considered, including the type of material being transferred, the viscosity of the material, and the size and shape of the drum or container. Other factors to consider include the required flow rate, the distance between the drum or container and the storage or processing equipment, and any safety requirements

Our customer ordered from us the machine to use it in special barrels of 200 liter vaseline. The Barrel Unloading Pump production was completed in approximately 25 days. After final tests, it was placed in its specially prepared box for shipping and set out for New York port.

The Barrel Unloading Pump has a hydraulic pressure of 90-120 bar and has a 10 liter hydraulic oil tank capacity of 46.

This pump has the ability to unloading products with a maximum temperature of 70 degrees and a minimum of 5 degrees from the barrels.

We are able to operate in 460 volt 3 phase or 320 volt 3 phase and 240 volt 1 phase electrical networks.

We produced a special Barrel Unloading Pump with a pump capacity of 5 Bar and a capacity of 4.5 – 5 Tons/hour for our customer. Our materials used are completely suitable for food. We produced the unloading barrel pump using 306-304 stainless steel.

Our customer is using our machine without any problem. With our many years of experience and knowledge, we are working to satisfy our customers with both spare parts guarantee and all our supply services.

Barrel Unloading Pump features:

Model : Unloading Barrel System Ubs-50
Volt:  460
Phase/Hz : 3 / 60
Pump Pressure : 5 Bar
Power/ Rpm 3kw / 322
Capacity 4,5 – 5 Tons / Hour
Max. Temperature + 10 ° C / + 70 °   Max. Flow:  45m³/h
Hydraulic Hydraulic Unit 0,75 kw / 1500 Rpm
Pressure: 90 – 120 Bar
Hydraulic Oil Tank : 10 LT ( 46 Hydraulic Oil)
Weight : 400 Kg.


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