Drum Pumps and Barrel Pumps for Pumping Low and High Viscosity Fluids out of Various Containers

Pumping tomato puree

When it comes to efficiently transferring fluids of varying viscosities from drums, barrels, and containers, drum pumps and barrel pumps play a pivotal role. These versatile pumping solutions cater to a wide range of industries, and they are especially essential in the food processing sector for tasks like pumping tomato puree.

Understanding Drum and Barrel Pumps

Drum pumps and barrel pumps are specialized devices designed for the safe and convenient transfer of liquids from containers of all sizes. They are typically used for chemicals, oils, solvents, and even food products like tomato puree. These pumps are categorized based on their design and the containers they are intended to work with.

Types of Drum and Barrel Pumps

  1. Drum Pumps: These pumps are designed for use with standard 55-gallon drums and smaller containers. They come in various configurations, such as electric, pneumatic, or manual, to accommodate different applications and viscosities. For industries that require precise and hygienic pumping, there are also sanitary drum pumps available.
  2. Barrel Pumps: Barrel pumps, as the name suggests, are tailored for use with barrels and smaller containers. They are compact and often hand-operated, making them suitable for scenarios where mobility and flexibility are essential.

Pumping tomato puree

Pumping Tomato Puree:

The food industry, particularly tomato processing, relies heavily on efficient pumping solutions for tomato puree and related products. Pumping tomato puree requires a pump capable of handling both low and high viscosity fluids. The consistency of tomato puree can vary depending on the processing stage, and a versatile pump is needed to accommodate these changes.

Advantages of Drum and Barrel Pumps for Pumping Tomato Puree:

  1. Versatility: Drum and barrel pumps can handle a wide range of viscosities, making them ideal for pumping tomato puree, which can vary from thick to relatively thin, depending on the product and processing stage.
  2. Efficiency: These pumps are designed for efficient fluid transfer, minimizing product waste and ensuring that every drop of tomato puree is extracted from the container.
  3. Hygiene: In the food industry, hygiene is paramount. Many drum and barrel pumps are designed with sanitary features, including easy disassembly for cleaning and materials that comply with food-grade standards.
  4. Control: Operators have precise control over the flow rate, allowing for accurate dosing and minimizing spillage or product splatter during the transfer process.

Purchasing Drum and Barrel Pumps:

When considering the purchase of drum and barrel pumps for pump tomato puree or any other fluid, it’s essential to keep several factors in mind:

Viscosity: Ensure that the pump you choose can handle the range of viscosities you will be working with in your tomato processing operations.

Hygiene Standards: If you are in the food industry, prioritize pumps designed for food-grade applications and easy cleaning.

Flow Rate: Consider the required flow rate for your specific application, as different pumps offer varying levels of output.

Container Size: Make sure the pump is compatible with the containers you use in your production process.

Maintenance: Check the maintenance requirements and availability of spare parts for the chosen pump to minimize downtime.


Drum pumps and barrel pumps are invaluable tools in various industries, including food processing, where efficiently pumping tomato puree is essential. Their versatility, efficiency, and ability to handle different viscosities make them a reliable choice for businesses looking to optimize their fluid transfer processes. Whether you’re dealing with tomato puree or other substances, the right pump can significantly enhance your operations and product quality.

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