Features and Advantages

  • Fork joint option for hygienic pumps
  • Pump inlet option Right – Left – Upright connection
  • Different sealing solutions upon request (Soft – Mechanical)
  • Optional washing inlets and drains
  • Optional heating and cooling jackets (Wall)
  • Different solutions with stainless steel or other alloy steel equipment
  • High suction and high performance (Maximum 8 meters)
  • Model range of maximum 200 m3/h and 24 BAR Pump inlet option according to
  • Optional stainless steel or other alloy steel variants Different rubber options (EPDM, NBR, NR, Viton) Optional wash inlet drains

These pumps with flange connection are mainly used in food and industrial areas, where vacuum is required in fluid and semi-fluid products.

It has a robust, durable and highly ergonomic design and is a solution partner for many sectors with the advantages it provides to its users.

Operation features

Optional stainless steel or other alloy steel variants

Mono Pumps & Sectors

Mono pumps with flash connection are preferred in food and industrial areas. It is specially produced depending on the project and transfer distance.

Desired Capacity Value (m3/h)
Desired Pressure Value (bar)
Distance to Print Product (m)
Product to be printed
Product Density to be printed (gr/cm3)
Viscosity of Product to be Printed
Product Temperature (°C)
Product pH Value

Pumps are specially produced according to customer responses.



  • Caramel pump
  • Pumps for fruit and vegetable concentrates
  • Peanut butter pump
  • Mayonnaise pump
  • Hazelnut nougat paste pump
  • Chocolate (heated) pump
  • Concentrates pump for sauce making
  • Mono pump for oil
  • Vaseline pump
  • Ointments mono pump
  • Pump for hair and body care products
  • Wax, semi-solid pump
  • Glycerin and glucose syrup pump



Working Ranges


Video For Mono Pumps

Photo Gallery for FL Series Mono Pumps

Mono pump catalog

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